Busy? 5 Transformative Tips | Jennifer Magley

Tired. Busy. Broke. Chubby. Lonely. Sound familiar?

At first glance, each status on this five fingered fist of dismay appears to be so different. Look a bit closer and the truth might throat punch you:

Tired because I’m busy.

Broke because I’m busy.

Chubby because I’m busy.

Lonely because I’m busy.

Busy because I’m busy.

Frankly, if I wasn’t so busy I would have the time to feel sorry for you.

Bad News: nearly ALL of us are afflicted by one or all five of these descriptors.

Good News: nearly ALL of us can change it. Escape the story you are telling yourself by doing these five things:

1. Go To Sleep

According to the eerily sterile website for the Center For Disease Control (CDC) 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep. When you are awake for more than 18 hours that drowsiness makes you drive as though your blood alcohol level is .05 (.08 is considered drunk.) Let’s say you “pull an all nighter” and get precisely zero hours of sleep. Get ready for a rodeo ride to work, it’s like your blood alcohol level shoots to .10 for your body. That’s like 5 shots of hard liquor back to back, good morning sunshine.

Takeaway: Being on empty takes you nowhere. You refuel/recharge your car to take you somewhere. Treat your body better than your four wheels.

2. Invest In Yourself

Photo: Erinn Bridgman

“If you don’t invest in yourself what will you invest in?” love this quote from David Meltzer’s book Connected to Goodness. This includes paying yourself first. Getting a massage. Reading a book. Hiring a coach. Perhaps a babysitter or maybe even treat yoself to a month of housecleaning done by someone else.

Takeaway: You are worth it. Nuff said.

3. Move Your Ass

More than 93.3 Million of American adults are obese and 1 in 3 are prediabetic and probably don’t know it. Nutrition and exercise are the only two things that we can control. As I write this from my home state of Indiana, he sits as the 12th most obese state in America according The State of Obesity’s recent report. We have some of the worst food access, food deserts, and food swamps in the country across central Indiana. “In Indianapolis, the city smack dab in the middle of more than 14 million acres of farmland, 1 in 6 residents report being food insecure” (Indy Star).  Additionally, our gender pay disparity ranks us at 49th out of 50th states making nutritious food a delicacy for the elite. While these facts are embarrassing, this has little to do with our personal commitment to eating whatever we want, whenever we want, as much as we want, and not having physical activity.

Takeaway: If you have the time to listen to a podcast, post a photo, and finish reading this article you have privilege. Use the power of time to make the most of it and exercise.

4. Volunteer

Loneliness is a choice. There are plenty of places to plug in to make a difference. By serving others and giving of our time we receive the ultimate gift in return: perspective. As Hellen Keller once rephrased Sa’di, “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”

Takeaway: By giving you will receive more than you expect.

5. Do A Calendar Cleanse

Cleanses are all the rage. Recently I underwent a self imposed “Calendar Cleanse” (I think I made this name up) doing an audit of where my time was really being spent. This meant every item on my calendar and activities that did not get logged got audited. Coffees got cancelled, lunches rescheduled, and even well meaning service projects got the boot. By doing this you will discover time you did not know you had.

Takeaway: Schedule thirty minutes, uninterrupted to review the events in your calendar. What areas can be improved? Must you drive across town for a meeting that could be a phone call? Are you scheduling in exercise?

Busy-ness is not an excuse to be tired, broke, chubby, lonely or just downright uncomfortable in your own life. Take the reigns and whip those priorities into order. Only you can do you Booboo.

Jennifer Magley is a former professional athlete, speaker, author, and High Performance Coach. Article originally appeared on www.magleyjennifer.com/blog More information can be found at www.magleyjennifer.com and videos on YouTube.