Top 3 Reasons You Suck (or think you do)

Top 3 Reasons You Suck (or think you do)

Over the last 10+ years as a High Performance Coach working with elite athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs, I have found one startling thing to be true: they all know they suck.

From the commercial real-estate developer doing $100 Million in deals to the top ranked tennis junior struggling to stay there, these high achievers know their weaknesses. In fact, top performers are so familiar with their shortcomings that often it is what drives them to succeed in other areas.

Clearly the above mentioned individuals do NOT suck however, to quote famed author James Allen, “As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains” and that was in 1903. In other words: If you think you suck, so you shall.

If you are anything like these top performers you will relate to the following Top 3 Reasons You Suck drawn from my experience as a coach:

1. I Do Not Have Enough Time

This statement is one of the most common excuses I hear when a client is not taking responsibility for their life. As an entrepreneur or “solo-preneur” it often seems  all you do is have coffee for a living and fight fires. Between networking events, invoices, selling, marketing, and (gasp) social media there is little time left for what really matters: YOU.

Ask Yourself: Who is in control of my schedule, who should be?

Take Action: Grab your phone right now and schedule in that 45 minute walk or gym session. Now set it to repeat at the same time every week. Guard those 45 minutes with the same ferocity you would a meeting with a top client. This will change your life.

2. I Do Not Like My Body

Join the club. According to the National Institutes of Health Obesity is rated as “Very Common” from teenagers 14 and older to senior citizens. More than 3 million US cases of obesity are reported each year. This said, many of our favorite actors, models, and singers are equally as unhappy and uncomfortable in their bodies. More than 17.5 Million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States alone, a 2% increase in one year.

Ask yourself: What am I comparing my body to?

Take Action: Do an inventory of when you were feeling your best. Jot down what activities you were doing, what were you eating, how were you sleeping?

3. I Keep Messing Up

Perfection, this is often the driving force behind this thought. Often clients believe that they must do every single thing perfectly (the first time) to be effective. It is in the striving for excellence and the journey that they improve. Neuroscience has proven that we do not learn from experience or even feedback but through reflection. Besides, according to Duke University 45% of what we do is habitual, time to look at your habits.

Ask yourself: What habit can I create to accomplish my goal?

Take Action: Next time you mess up probe deeper into the action rather than the emotion: reflect.

The road to excellence is not a day trip. It takes time, diligence, and grit to breakthrough to the next level. Jim Rohn put it best when he said, “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.” Take a step back to observe yourself so that you can take a step up to the next level. You have the power not to suck, as long as you believe you do.

Jennifer Magley is a former professional athlete, speaker, author, and High Performance Coach. More information can be found at